Welcome to the Veterinary Business Consultancy. We’re here to help vets and vet businesses solve some of the problems that veterinary clinics often suffer from. The VBC is run by a veterinarian and offers business consultancy across the UK and Ireland.

Starting with two main beliefs; that Good Medicine equals Good Business and that the power of a vet business is the ability to develop their people, the VBC exists to bring the vision of “redefining what being a vet means” to life.

Veterinary businesses can thrive, bringing the right products and services to market, serving the animal owning public and improving animal welfare. Being a great veterinary business means you can do this all, whilst improving the health and wellbeing of your veterinary team.

So, how does the VBC help you grow your business and develop your team? There are two main service streams offered so follow the links or contact us to find out more.