A previous employer once said, “I don’t need a vet who works in business, I need a business person who happens to be a vet”. That’s where the VBC is today.  The consultancy services offered by the VBC can help fulfill this role for your business with added vet insights. If the VBC can’t meet your need, our extensive network will most certainly be able to find a business partner for you.

So, does the following apply to you? If so, then the VBC will be a great business partner for your business.

  • Do you have a great product and want to launch or sell through veterinary clinics?
  • Do you want insights in to the structure of the veterinary market, such as the number of vet clinics in the UK, the types of clinics and who the different corporate players are?
  • Do you need a trained and experienced negotiator to help build your negotiation strategy with a key account?
  • Do you need a veterinary advisor with experience in sales, marketing and business development?
  • Do you need specific advice on pet nutrition regulations and your route to market strategy?

With over 14 years of global multi-national corporation experience in a veterinary business role, the VBC can offer a wide network of contacts in the veterinary channel. Whether you need vet channel market shares, introductions to key customers in the veterinary channel or a strategic review and tactical go to market plan, the VBC has contacts, experience and insights to make it happen.

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