Lets start with a couple of bold statements

  • Most vets are great clinicians
  • Most veterinary businesses have a leadership problem, a human resources problem, a marketing problem or a combination of all three

Does this sound like your clinic? As a business owner or an employee, this cocktail of problems can be pretty destructive or at best wearing. It’s well documented that veterinary professionals have an increased risk of suicide and that we have a vet career retention problem. We can do better at engaging the generations of vets, new and old, in a long and healthy veterinary career. This doesn’t necessarily mean being just a clinician either!

Bringing more than 20 years in the veterinary profession and over 14 years of experience in business management, sales and marketing, the VBC can help with personal growth and leadership or with clinic wide growth and business development plans. Each clinic will have a unique set of circumstances, but it’s likely they will be due to one of the three major problems, leadership, human resources or marketing.

There are no easy cures, so the VBC will work closely with you in an initial diagnostic phase and then develop a bespoke therapeutic plan structured around the three core problems.


  • Personal Leadership development
  • Senior team leadership development
  • Identification and development of team culture
  • Coaching and Feedback models for practice
  • Business Goal setting and cascading of objectives

Human Resources

  • Establishing performance management systems
  • Objective setting
  • Coaching and Feedback models for practice
  • Writing accurate job and person specifications
  • Recruiting for success
  • Managing difficult situations*


  • Reviewing and advising on existing marketing activities
  • Planning marketing strategy and establishing a Return on Investment mindset
  • Tactical implementation of marketing plans
  • Performance tracking of marketing activities

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* The VBC does not offer legal advice on HR issues, but will support clinics in the development and implementation of HR processes. Independent legal advice should be sought for specific HR issues.