BSAVA Congress is an annual fixture in the diary for many vets. Adrian from the VBC will be there for the whole congress, so if you like what we do, or just want to find out a bit more about us, please contact us and we’ll arrange to meet in Birmingham.

BSAVA have just published an excellent Special Congress 2017 Edition of the Companion magazine. It’s got great articles from sponsor supporters and Angharad Belcher, the new Head of Congress, has published a fabulous master class article to help you get the most out of your visit.

So how can the VBC add value? After 20 years of congress attendance we’ve compiled a short list of not-so-serious Top-Tips for a successful congress.

It’s at the ICC/NIA not the NEC!

A well-known senior executive from a well-known company was very distressed when he couldn’t find the congress: at the NEC. We never laughed. At all. Prevent disaster by clicking here.

If you haven’t booked your accommodation, then take good walking shoes.

The local hotels are excellent. They’re also heavily over subscribed, so book 2018 as you leave the 2017 event. You’ll get better pricing and a much shorter commute to the show! IF you’ve left it late, then take good shoes for certain, but even better:

Take different types of shoes

A hot tip from one of my previous team members; take flats, mid heels and high heels. Rotating between shoe types eases the strain on your legs, which is especially relevant for team members standing on their company booth all day. For me, that’s trainers and smart shoes, but take your pick, whatever suits you, especially for VetFest night!

Book your evening meals NOW!

If you’re planning on going out to dinner with friends, book your restaurants now. In fact, you’re probably too late already. Once the big company teams have arranged their client events, finding a good restaurant locally can be challenging, which leads us to:

Speak nicely to your suppliers, you might benefit!

Your suppliers are investing large sums of money to be in the exhibition and sponsor at Congress. They want quality interactions with you and may have promotions, prizes and activities. If you’re lucky that’s a good night out with them but at a minimum it’s a chance to win in their prize draw. An iPad Pro perhaps? You’ve nothing to lose and lots to gain by letting them talk you through their latest product offering.

Ok, so that’s all a little tongue in cheek, but I hope it lifted your spirits a little on a Friday and gets the cogs whirring round on the weekend.

Get in touch to meet with Adrian or flag him down if you see him around the show.

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