BSAVA is less than one week away now so here are three final jobs to do before you hit the road to the best small animal congress in the world.

  1. Download the new FREE congress app. It’s brand new, so don’t forget to un-install any previous versions first. It’s available on the App Store (for iPhone/iPad) and Google Play (for Android devices).

 I’ve been playing with the app since it launched and I have to say it’s the best yet. You can set your own schedule, lecture-by-lecture and set reminders to make sure you don’t miss that critical lecture you wanted to go to. It also has a wonderfully interactive exhibition map, with a clever little widget to help you navigate around the arena. Search for an exhibitor by name and then tap the location button and, hey presto, it’s highlighted on the map. Blitzing the exhibition will never be the same again!

  1. Double-check those reservations. In my last Blog about Congress, I urged you to book your hotels as far in advance as possible. Well since I did that, several horror stories have emerged, with well-known internet booking engines upsetting the apple cart at the last minute. Better to be safe than sorry, so check them out again!
  1. Plan your down time. There’s a lot to cram in during Congress and the danger is that the pressure to stay contactable, meet friends, suppliers and digest all the information can be quite hard work. Turning that phone off for lectures gives you the space to learn, but a reflective period to process the information afterwards is just as important. Taking even half an hour to reflect before moving on to your next chosen activity can make a significant difference in your learning and enjoyment of the whole event. Give yourself the space to grow.

I’m going to be at the conference for all 4 days, with a mixture of activities in mind. If you’d like to catch up with me, wearing my Veterinary Business Consultancy hat, to discuss how we can help you, your business or your clinic, please get in touch!

Have a fabulous Congress!

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